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Jaimey Walking Bear

This October 17-19, Web 2.0 Summit returns to San Francisco’s Palace Hotel. Join the Internet’s brightest and most influential leaders as we shake up the stage with rapid-fire conversations, dynamic high order bits, and stories from industry speakers—
never before shared.

Just a few of the big thinkers, idealists, tinkerers, and disruptors (more coming soon) you’ll hear from:

Marc Benioff Genevieve Bell Marc Benioff Tony Conrad
Steve Ballmer

CEO, Microsoft Corporation

Genevieve Bell

Fellow and Director, Intel

Marc Benioff

CEO, Salesforce.com

Tony Conrad

Founder & Entrepreneur, True Ventures

Dick Costolo speaker Michael Dell speaker
Dick Costolo

CEO, Twitter

Dennis Crowley
Co-founder, foursquare
Michael Dell

CEO, Dell, Inc.

Gil Elbaz

Founder, Factual

speaker speaker Vic Gundotra MC Hammer
Stephen Elop

CEO, Nokia

James Gleick

Author, The Information

Vic Gundotra

SVP Social, Google

MC Hammer

Co-founder and CEO, Alchemy MMA

speaker David Hornik Ted Leonsis Ross Levinsohn
Reid Hoffman

Partner at Greylock, and Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at LinkedIn

David Hornik

Partner, August Capital

Ted Leonsis

Founder & Chairman, Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Ross Levinsohn

EVP of Americas Region, Yahoo!

Andrew Mason Hilary Mason Mary Meeker Jeremie Miller
Andrew Mason

Founder, Groupon

Hilary Mason

Chief Scientist, bit.ly

Mary Meeker

Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Jeremie Miller

Founder, Singly & the Locker Project

Beatriz Perez Richard Rosenblatt Peter Vesterbacka Tim Westergren
Beatriz Perez

Chief Marketing Officer for North America, Coca-Cola

Richard Rosenblatt

Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, Demand Media, Inc.

Peter Vesterbacka

Mighty Eagle, Rovio / Angry Birds

Tim Westergren

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Pandora

Anne Wojcicki Susan Wojcicki John Battelle Tim O'Reilly
Anne Wojcicki

Co-founder, 23andMe

Susan Wojcicki

SVP Advertising, Google

John Battelle

Founder & CEO Federated Media Publishing

Tim O’Reilly

Founder & CEO O’Reilly Media, Inc.

See the full, initial speaker line-up.

Data has taken center stage in the networked economy, so this year we’re using this core resource as the framing device to understand and discuss the future of the Web. For key points of control such as location, mobile platforms, gaming, content, social—who is winning and who is falling behind? Who is innovating and where are the opportunities?

Now in our eighth year, our goal with Web 2.0 Summit is to answer those questions through the most energetic and information-packed Summit you’ve ever experienced. Stick with us to get more exciting program and speaker news in the months to come.

As a friend of Web 2.0 Summit, take advantage and secure early pricing for your seat at this year’s event. Register now and save over 20%. Early registration ends June 6.

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Web 2.0 Summit returns to the Palace Hotel in San Francisco October 17-19, 2011. Sign up before all seats are sold out—as they always do.

Jaimey Walking Bear

UPDATE: The webcast was a great success. Thank you to all who participated!

Please join John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly for a free Webcast – “Points of Control: The Battle for the Internet Economy” on October 27 at 1pm PT.

More than any time in the history of the Web, incumbents in the network economy are consolidating their power and staking new claims to key points of control. It’s clear that the internet industry has moved into a battle to dominate the Internet Economy.


John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly will debate and discuss these shifting points of control as the board becomes increasingly crowded. They’ll map critical inflection points and identify key players who are clashing to control services and infrastructure as they attempt to expand their territories. They’ll also explore the effect these chokepoints could have on people, government, and the future of technology innovation.

Join us for this live broadcast taking place just weeks before Web 2.0 Summit begins and contribute to this important conversation. Be sure to visit the Points of Control map to see how John and Tim are visualizing the lay of the internet landscape.

ws-webcast-infoAccess to this webcast is available to registered participants at no cost. In order to provide you with this free service, you may receive additional information about Web 2.0 Summit and other events produced by O’Reilly Media and UBM TechWeb.

Jaimey Walking Bear

We recently hosted our annual Web 2.0 Summit Premiere Dinner, to invite and gather Bay Area technology leaders, entrepreneurs and more – to help tell us which trends and innovations we should be paying attention to on this Points of Control landscape. As a preview of what to anticipate in November, we offer these conversations from the Foreign Cinema Cafe in San Francisco:

Jeremy Stoppelman of Yelp, confirmed to speak at Web 2.0 Summit 2010:

Ann Winblad, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners:

Matt Galligan of SimpleGeo, confirmed to speak this year:

Sy Choudhury of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies:

Tiffany Shlain, Founder of the Webby Awards:

Harry McCracken, Editor, Technologizer:

We hope that you can join us in November for Web 2.0 Summit. Attendance is by invitation only. Be sure to request yours today.

Jaimey Walking Bear

john-battelle-left-1With more than half a billion people actively using its service, Facebook clearly owns the dominant position in the crucial point of control we’ve come to call The Social Graph. Regardless of controversy, the company’s Open Graph protocol has been widely adopted, solidifying Facebook’s lead in social, and positioning the company to challenge Google’s dominance in both ad networks and search.

Google is certainly aware of the threat, and is both bolstering its Buzz offering and, according to many, preparing an all out response to Facebook code-named Google Me. Meanwhile, Twitter has consolidated its grip on what it calls the “Interest Graph,” a public version of the social graph based on what people are doing (and where). Twitter’s advertising platform, Promoted Tweets and Trends, is showing early promise, and will be rolled out to third party developers shortly.

Web giants Microsoft and Yahoo are taking different paths. Though in an advertising partnership with Facebook, Microsoft has yet to declare its social graph strategy — some believe its Xbox Live and IM platforms will play central roles. Yahoo has gone all in with Facebook, integrating the Open Graph deep into its massive site.

Insurgents and upstarts are eager to join the fray, with location based social networks such as Foursquare and Gowalla hoping to become the next big thing in social. And don’t forget the international players — TenCent, Baidu, and DST hold dominant positions outside the US.

At Web 2.0 Summit this year, we’ll discuss the social graph as a strategic territory. We’ll also cover related points of control such as mobile platforms, distribution, identity services and payment systems, location services, data transport, and advertising. Join the leaders of the Network economy in a three day conversation that promises to once again set the agenda for our ever-changing and fascinating industry. Request an invitation today and secure your seat.

Our Best,
John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly and the Web 2.0 Summit Team