At Web 2.0 Summit in 2010, we debuted the Web 2.0 Map “Points of Control,” an interactive visualization of the new Internet landscape, highlighting the territories and ongoing battles between market titans and industry upstarts for the future of the network economy.

For Web 2.0 Summit 2011, we present “The Data Layer.” For the top companies in the industry, we’ve built “cities of data” which illustrate the relative strengths of each company in eight key segments.


For the calculations of data used on the map, we aimed to secure the highest figure of reach — data self-reported by company executives or derived through a combination of Nielsen International Audience figures and published research. Please reference the footnotes to see how each Unique Audience or Active User figure was calculated.

We attempted to scale each city against one another by factoring in an ‘Engagement Score’ (provided by Nielsen), which calculated the sessions per person, pages per person and time per person of each site indexed against the 200 sites in the list. Those indices were then averaged to create the final score.

With that, we’d like to present this year’s Web 2.0 Map “The Data Layer” — and below is the documentation for all the figures.


Amazon = 139.5 million uniques
* Sum of Nielsen “International Audience” figures, plus the 15.7million Kindles sold since launch, source: AllThingsD

Apple = 151.3 million uniques
* Sum of Nielsen “International Audience” figures, plus the 37.9 million among all mobile phones, tablets and other such connected media devices, source: industry research

eBay = 197.5 million uniques
* Self-reported 97.2million eBay users + 100.3million active PayPal accounts

Facebook = 800 million uniques
* Source: Facebook Statistics

Google = 1 billion uniques
* Source: industry research

Microsoft = 880 million uniques
* Self-reported site and search figures across 46 markets and 21 languages, plus 10 million Kinects sold through March 2011, Source: xBox

Twitter = 400 million uniques
* Self-reported

Yahoo! = 690 million uniques
* Self-reported


Thank you to the team at Blend Interactive, the development partner behind the build and creative features for the Web 2.0 Map.


Thank you to our Data Insights Sponsor:

The U.S. online audience data we provided consists of “Nielsen’s online hybrid audience measurement, which measures web browsing activity across multiple devices and locations, including tablets, mobile devices, secondary PC’s and access points outside of home and work locations.”

“International Audience” (Home & Work) includes the U.S., Brazil, Austrailia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K.


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