Debuting at Web 2.0 Summit this year is Radar – a session dedicated to the hot, young companies that have hot, new news to share with the ballroom audience (and those online via the livestream).

Presenting Companies:


Aro Mobile

Aro Mobile is a smarter mobile experience that understands your communications and delivers relevant, timely information on the go to help users get more done on their smartphones. Aro is powered by advanced web services: next generation natural language processing and semantic data analytics services. They announced their public beta release this week. To register for the program visit: www.aro.com.



Gravity helps the right information find you. Gravity analyzes social data to build a holistic understanding of who you are and what you’re interested in. Gravity then connects the right content, people and advertising to you based on the probability that you’ll love it. The key to organizing information around you and unlocking the personalized web is what we call the Interest Graph – an online representation of your real-world interests.  Founded in May 2009, Gravity is based in Santa Monica, Calif. and backed by August Capital and Redpoint Ventures.  For more information and to play Gravity’s first app called Twinterests, a Twitter-based game that reveals a person’s interest graph and how it compares to friends online, visit http://www.gravity.com.



Furthering its mission to help people connect and share across the Web, Meebo will today launch a web check-in system in alpha, and will enable Web visitors to check in to their favorite sites and share online discoveries with friends or people with similar interests. Web 2.0 Summit visitors will be among the first to see the check-in system demonstrated live by CEO Seth Sternberg.

Meebo check-ins will be available in a first-of-its-kind browser extension – the “Meebo MiniBar” – and via new profile pages for users and sites at meebo.com/new.  With the MiniBar, people will be able to take Meebo—including access to friends across multiple communication networks and eventually its signature drag-and-drop feature—across the entire Internet and stay connected while browsing the Web.

The MiniBar will help people socially navigate the Web, discover new sites and enable websites to reward their loyal visitors.  It will be initially available for Firefox and Chrome users, with Internet Explorer and Safari versions slated for later this year.  Any blog, website, brand, commerce or gaming site interested in adding a check in on Meebo button can visit http://www.meebo.com/websites.

Meebo provides the easiest, most open and most “right there where you want it” way to share on the web. Integrating all social networks and communications channels into a single, simple-to-use solution, Meebo enables users to easily share content and communicate in real time with the people who matter to them, and connects people to their friends on the numerous websites that have installed the Meebo Bar, through mobile devices and via Meebo Messenger. The privately held company was founded in 2005.  For more information, visit meebo.com.



Path, which launched this week, is the personal network.  The company’s iPhone app allows you to capture your life’s most personal moments with photos – add context of people, places, and things – and share them with your 50 closest friends and family who matter to you most.

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