This Innovation Lunch is an opportunity for early stage creative startups to present their elevator pitch to a panel of established and respected Venture Capitalists, and a gathering of industry decision makers that is comprised of Web 2.0 Summit attendees.

Hosted by Omidyar Network, lunch will be moderated by Todor Tashev and participating VCs are:

  • Ryan McIntyre (Foundry Group)
  • Christopher Bishko (Omidyar Network)
  • Dave McClure (500 Hats)
  • Geoff Yang (Redpoint Ventures)



Caduces is building a comprehensive online platform to gather, manage, share, and control all the data surrounding family members’ health and wellness, creating a family health history asset, enabling healthy habits, and facilitating data exchange with the professional health community. This is enhanced w/ sync-able unique mobile apps and platform-specific tools. Our clients are SMBs that want to help their employees live healthier, happier lives. Our users are people that believe in wellness, not illness as integral to their familial culture.


Fubles.com is a Sport Sharing platform that more efficiently helps you organize amateur sport matches of all types. So far one of the most active community for pick-up games with 25.000 users playing over 700 matches played each month (doubling every 3 months mainly due to word of mouth).


Kroobe is a social networking online classifieds’ hub that allows users to post, share, rate and review listings using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


myShopanion is a mobile-centric solution for consumers that bridges the gap between point of purchase, online shopping and social media conversations. While product information on the Web is abundant today, consumers still lack streamlined and critical information on the go. myShopanion, resolves this dilemma by providing all the information consumers need in a comprehensive mobile social shopping solution.  It enables consumers to access reviews on millions of products, ask social networks for real-time feedback, and buy at the best price. It’s the most extensive one-stop shopping solution. It was developed by Zappli, a provider of shopping solutions.


reACTor is a location-based mobile gaming app that connects news with social action. It allows people to ‘play the news’: players are shown hyperlocal news and presented with social actions and volunteer opportunities associated with that news. Players can compete against friends and ‘challenge’ them to act on the news. By doing specific acts and accepting challenges, players accrue points and rewards. It’s augmented activism: calls to action inspired by news and sustained by game play, connecting players to real world actions.


Tellmewhere is a mobile application on the iPhone, iPad and Android that mixes Facebook and local searches to propose the ultimate local companion for discovering places you’ll like and sharing your local life with friends. Tellmewhere synthesizes three key components into a powerful and simple interface.


Green Car Buddy reduces pollution and CO2 emissions through shared balanced contribution parking.

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